‘Planning Plan B’ is more than a book; it is a rich resource of help, with contributions from experts in different fields; it covers ten of the situations that can come at us from any direction, at any time. Kylie and her experts have assembled insights that will help every person who has the privilege to own a copy.  

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10 of life's unexpected and stressful events are examined to provide practical ideas to reduce the impact on you and your family should a stressful event happen.

With expert advice from professionals in Estate Planning, Family Law, Insurance, Financial Planning, Accountants and Psychologists the aim of the book is to reduce your stress in times of crisis.

The book is available as a paper back copy and an ebook.

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The author, Kylie Parker, provides consulting services to Accountants and Financial Planners using online documentation collation tools for helping clients with Planning Plan B, that provide security compliance with ISO standards.

With 25 years experience as a Chartered Accountant, Kylie knows clients would rather visit the dentist than talk about a Plan B.  With the book to start a discussion, and your role as their trusted financial advisor there is no excuse to have clients' financial affairs not sorted. 



Reading Planning Plan B will provide you with the information to protect against 10 of life's unexpected stressful events ONLY if you action the steps, document them and store them where they can be accessed by or on behalf of your loved ones. 

Please download the checklist below to help you decide whether you are ready for an unexpected stressful event. 

Store the final documents in Now Sorted so there are no "loose ends".

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Plan B Checklist

Download the checklist to review how ready you are for a stressful event if it were to happen to you.

Planning Plan B Checklist (pdf)


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